The most pervasive and most dangerous cult on earth is The Cult of Normality.
The organisation has no official headquarters, they work through innumerable front organisations with untraceable connections and have a membership spanning every country on the planet and numbering in the billions.
The cult exists exclusively to prop up the banking system and the fallacious idea of property, enabling a very small number with psychopathic tendencies to maintain a system of control and domination.
Initiated a a few thousand years ago, the cult has gradually been growing in strength and influence, its development always shrouded in secrecy and in more recently protected by freemasonry brotherhoods and all manner of secret societies.  The system of control used to enforce its dogma and prevent members from absconding has resulted in the enormous surveillance apparatus seen around the world, funded largely by black operations, visible in the public offices of all the secret services and the industrial military complex.
The trouble with trying to confront something which is invisible and intangible is that it is, of course, by nature, extremely elusive and difficult to pin down.
This does not mean that it does not exist. One can observe the effects of its behaviour everywhere in human life. The evidence is irrefutable.
This book is written with the intention that we may identify and address the issues raised by this most potent threat to the continued existence of humanity on planet Earth.
The threat to our environment and to human life in general is experienced in a myriad of different ways on a personal level but all ultimately stemming from a single source, symptomatic of the hierarchy of power and domination.

Beneath the flimsy veneer of modern life lurks a murky secret we dare not speak aloud, we all know that if anyone would examine us too closely, they would discover we are all, far from normal.

Whether or not we recognise or accept this fact, the very real threat of being labelled as insane (abnormal by definition) is undermining our well-being subconsciously. It doesn’t take much to find yourself locked up, it could be as simple as voicing a challenging idea.  There is a long list of mystics, freedom fighters, heretics and philosophers who have found themselves incarcerated.  Worse than being wrongly identified as criminals are the cases where an individual’s sanity is called into doubt at which point the flimsy protections for prisoners are completely thrown out of the window.

Human beings go to very great lengths to avoid being left out.

Inter-dependent, biologically empathic creatures like us, find exclusion not just uncomfortable but intolerable in most cases. We humans are hardwired to survive in packs. For tens of thousands of years we hunted and gathered in small families and tribes. We are inter-dependent by nature. We need each other. We innately know that we need to be included and so we’ll frequently find ourselves conforming in order to be accepted. This single trait, unchecked or manipulated, has allowed us to endorse inhuman activities with our presence for thousands of years. All forms of violence are perpetrated by people who carry a deep-seated sense of exclusion. Every act of violence is a cry to be accepted and stands in stark contradiction to the innate awareness we are born with, the purity residing in the soul of every single human being at the moment of birth.

But thank goodness for being different because normal seems to have humanity on a collision course with collective suicide. Who on earth would want to be normal?

Are you a weirdo? Are you the odd one out? Do you feel alone?

If you hold opinions that are frequently at odds with what is generally accepted, then this book is for you. You are undoubtedly already coming to the realisation that this modern world is abhorrent in its current operation but you may not have realised that you were born into a hidden cult (the occult). I hope to offer inspiration, reassurance and a tool to assist you with the task of deprogramming yourself.

Terrence McKenna always admonished us to remember that “Culture is not your friend.” Culture is an operating language, a means by which the human biocomputer is able to process the sensory information that forms our individual reality tunnels. As with all operating systems, they sometimes need updating. They are prone to crashing and can benefit from upgrades that make them more capable of coping with the evolving requirements of the species.

The point of this book is not to define normal or over-simplify the complex problems that we face in today’s society but to assist in the software upgrade humanity desperately requires in order to survive. It seems really important to me that we understand the degree to which we have been inducted into the world’s largest cult of all, the Cult of Normality (or CoN). This may well increase our ability to empathise with each other and bring consciousness to a great many attributes of modern existence that need to be reassessed and improved.

When I assert that there is a secret cult dominating the modern world, it must understood that the world has been taken hostage by a banking conspiracy so well designed it has taken hundreds of years to implement and to be detected.  Through the control of the money system, our entire planet has been enslaved and every aspect of human life has been distorted and controlled.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”
Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

Upon discovering the Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame, an analysis tool employed by governments and secret services around the world, I realised that our modern society scores highly in each and every criteria. It is clearly evident that we display all the characteristics of a huge cult, the question of whether or not this was intentional or arose spontaneously is irrelevant. The fact remains that our current society operates as a cult and with this awareness we are able to re-evaluate all of our common behaviours.

After the initial introductory sections of Symptom, Diagnosis and Cure; I’ve arranged this book in aphabetical order, it is a series of short essays where I share new perspectives on a large number of subjects that form part of everyday life. This book has been designed for you to easily dip in and out of, share or to use as a reference. Allow the book to open at random and see what leaps out at you… or look at the Table of Contents and see what you’re most drawn to. Many of the chapters employ terms that are in turn, explored and redefined in other sections, so a certain amount of cross-referencing may be required. For instance, it is hard to grasp new ideas around sex without looking at the subject of property. Although each chapter is intended to serve as complete in itself, some will not make sense without being viewed as part of a total paradigm shift that I hope this book may catalyse. I convey this book to you with heartfelt sincerity and dedicate this work to the good of all beings.


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